What our members say

Below is a selection of quotes taken from members. Staffordshire OCD Support Group recognises the importance of high-quality peer support as being an essential part of maintaining a happy and healthy life. We hope that these testimonials from members will give you an idea of the group’s ethos and how it has benefitted our members.

“I particularly like meeting other people who have the same condition as me and building friendships. The meetings are a time for me to focus completely on my OCD which sometimes I neglect in day-to-day life.”

“For me I like the supportive and friendly environment of the group, learning from other people’s experiences and being able to find out information about OCD which has helped me understand the nature of my condition”

“I like the social aspects of the group: meeting people with similar problems and the mutual support that is gained through the group. I have also learned a lot about OCD through the help and information provided by the group facilitator. It’s helping me to manage my OCD as I realise now that I’m not alone. Being able to share thought, feelings and ‘secrets’ in a safe environment has been very helpful.”

“I am able to share my experiences in a non-judgemental environment and say what I am thinking and feeling without shame. This has helped me as I realise I am not alone and there are other people like me; it lifts the isolation.”