Excellent online advocate discusses OCD intrusive thoughts

This is an excellent youtube channel by Chrissie Hodges about intrusive thoughts. Chrissie is an OCD sufferer who has taken the time to talk in detail about the ways OCD occurs and some of the ups and downs she has faced dealing with the illness.

What makes these videos so useful is that she spends a lot of time talking about some of the intrusive thoughts (usually violent or sexual in nature) that some OCD sufferers are plagued by.

Understandably, sufferers are reluctant to talk about these type of thoughts because of the embarrassment and shame they feel and whether the thoughts indicate that they are mad or bad. People suffering from these types of thoughts will often keep these thoughts secret and remain undiagnosed for many years and therefore do not get the treatment that would help them overcome their fears.

Chrissie is thus doing a great job at reducing stigma by talking about some of these uncomfortable topics while maintaining a sense of humour and drawing on her own experience of how OCD sufferers can overcome these fears with effective treatment through cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) with a specific focus on Exposure Response Prevention (ERP).

I hope you find it useful and maybe it will help you if you have been putting off a conversation you need to have with your doctor.

For more information about receiving treatment, please go to the other section in our website. Also, you may want to consider attending a support group meeting. We ask that members have a diagnosis of OCD and are over 18 if they wish to attend our groups. You will find our meeting dates here. If you wish to attend, please call or e-mail ahead of the meeting to book your place. If you are not local, OCD Action has a list of support groups throughout the UK.